About Us

Many of us from the NLU Delhi Batch of 2025 were interested in spreading an appreciation for philosophy inside our institution and law schools in general. We thought that a formal club would be the ideal vehicle for doing so. Hence, we decided to refashion our intra-batch informal philosophy discussion group into the official Philosophy Club of NLU Delhi with a set mandate and dedicated Executive Committee.


We have conducted various discussions on a host of fundamental philosophical texts and ideas, hosted lecture series by leading academics, disseminated easily accessible learning resources and notes, and much more. We also publish an Annual Newsletter, which contains a report of our activities and the best articles we received for submission on the Blog.


​In running this Blog, our aim is to create a platform for students - and anyone else who may be interested - to share their thoughts on any issues relating to philosophy. The word 'philosophy' literally means "a love for wisdom", and that is what we aim to cultivate, or at least take a part in cultivating, across the law schools of our country.


​Please reach out to us at philosophyclub@nludelhi.ac.in for any queries, comments, or suggestions!